lecture series

The Shirleen Zacharias Early College Leadership Academy is proud to announce Somerset ISD’s Lecture Series! The series kicks off Sept 13th with Ernesto Mejia, renowned Parent Engagement Speaker at the Performing Arts Center at 6:00 p.m.

Ernesto Mejia, the proud son of Mexican immigrants, is a true example of the American dream. Diagnosed with the rare disease of Guillain-Barré Syndrome at the age of 16 that left him temporarily paralyzed, he was not supposed to be a successful student, much less a College Dean of Students. Through his hardships, Ernesto learned to never give up on life, he now speaks to students, parents and teachers about overcoming obstacles and never giving up on the American dream: education.

“The Somerset ISD Lecture Series will offer our families support,” said Dr. Melissa Holguin, ZECLA Principal. “The advice they’ll learn will provide them with more tools in their tool kit . These sessions will help parents build relationships with their children.”

There will also be raffles and fun incentives for parents. Take a look at the topics and times!