EMT students

In a matter of seconds, Somerset High School’s new EMT Practicum class jumped from their desks to their equipment room prepared to open a patient’s airway. The students practice bagging a patient and performing CPR so frequently it’s become second nature.

“I love it,” said Morgan Hansen, SHS senior. “Every day I look forward to this class. I learn so much. It's very hands-on and it really helps me learn skills for my career after high school.”

Like many of her classmates Hansen chose to take the new EMT course as a stepping stone towards a career in the medical field.

Students learn trauma care, emergency response, and have the opportunity to ride along with paramedics for 12-hour shifts. Once they complete the course they’ll receive EMT certification and join a national registry allowing them to become EMT’s anywhere in the U.S.

“We are teaching them how to be a part of their community and give back to their community,” said Jamie Hernandez, EMT Instructor. “First responders are in high demand and always needed.”

Hernandez was an EMT for 21 years before becoming a teacher at Somerset High School.

It’s been great, different, and challenging, said Hernandez describing her new role as an educator. “It’s neat to see them learn things and grow. Somerset is doing a really good job at giving these kids every single opportunity to be successful in this program.”  

Hernandez encourages underclassmen to enroll in the EMT Practicum course next year. 

Students are required to take principles of law and medical terminology classes before enrolling and need to be a high school senior to participate.